Friday, December 10, 2010

Next weeks menu 12/11-12/17

I normally plan my menus sun-sun but with the boys bday coming up and a little holiday known as christmas :o) i have changed my grocery shopping to sat. (besides i HATE going shopping on sunday when the entire chicagoland area is shopping with me) so far this is what the dinners look like:

Asian chicken stir fry with homemade egg rolls

Steakhouse porkchops

Easy Cheesy Beefy enchilada casserole

Chicken Kiev

Breakfast for dinner (dad isn't home and its a favorite of the kids)

Pasta night! (homemade garlic breadsticks)

"buffet night" AKA leftovers :o)

The egg rolls, enchilada casserole and garlic sticks are all new recipies that i cant wait to try! I am hoping to whip up a batch of french onion soup on sat too!

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